You Must Try ZipList!

Do You Grocery Shop for the Family at Your Nanny or Au Pair Job? I am not a techy person at all. I don’t use many apps on my mobile phone and I don’t even own an iPhone. But I just started using an online recipe box that I love and must share with all […]

Searching for Mary Poppins

Weekly Trip to the Library By Whitney Tang, Author of Wednesdays with Whitney and The Naptime Nook Searching for Mary Poppins by Susan Davis and Gina Hyams is exactly that: a book about various mothers’ searches for Mary Poppins (aka the perfect nanny). But it goes much further than that. This book, which is made up of […]

Take the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey

Nannies, Children, TV, Social Media, and Video Games Click here to take the Winter 2013 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Survey1. Do you text or email the parents to keep in touch with them during the work day? 2. Do your employers provide you with a mobile phone for work? 3. Are you allowed to […]

Lance, Lies, and Lessons

How You Participate is Important in Sports and in Life Reactions to Lance Armstrong’s expected admission that he used illegal chemicals to enhance his racing performance has ranged from indignant outrage to hesitant acknowledgment of Armstrong’s charitable endeavors. Beyond the scandal and the legal implications for Armstrong, there may be lessons for all of us.Adults, including […]

Making a Valentine’s Stenciled Sign with Kids

Wednesdays with Whitney By Whitney Tang Valentine’s Day is only a month away and the aisles are already stocked with meaningless boxes of cardboard valentines. Don’t be distracted by the cute candy hearts this year. Instead, make the kids you care for something that they will cherish for a lifetime. Make them a stenciled sign […]

Nanny Confessions: Parents Turn Off the TV

Nannies Don’t Want the Kids Watching TV When They Arrive in the Morning By Stephanie Felzenberg No one wants to raise a couch potato. Watching too much TV makes kids more likely to be overweight and have behavioral problems. But, the most frustrating part of letting kids have too much screen time, is getting kids to turn the off the “boob tube” […]

A Millions Moms for Gun Control Vs NRA

Do You Sway More in Support of A Million Moms for Gun Control or the NRA? The Indianapolis-based advocacy group A Million Moms for Gun Control is attempting to leverage the collective power of mothers across the country through social media to demand action on gun control legislation. Founder Shannon Watts established the group in the wake […]

Have You Ever Had a Fire in a Home You Worked In?

Familiar Voice Wake-Up Smoke Detectors While working one day a fire started in the oven in the home I worked in. The kitchen was open into a great room in which the toddler was taking a nap on the sofa. When I walked into the kitchen and saw it filling with smoke I must have […]

Book Review for Middle School Kids of Divorce

Dear George Clooney: Please Marry My Mom by Susin Nielsen Every teen struggles to find his or her place in the world, so it is no surprise that middle school readers love books that feature protagonists who often feel like outsiders. Whether a tween or teen in your care is a product of divorce, any middle school […]

The Double Standard: American Nannies Can Be Married and Have Children While Au Pairs Cannot

Is it Harder for Mothers of Young Children to Find Nanny and Au Pair Jobs? Au pairs are caregivers between the ages of 18- and 26-years-old that come to America in a government regulated cultural exchange program. The au pair lives with a host family. The au pair helps with childcare for up to 45-hours […]