Are the Organic Foods You Buy Actually Good for You?

Weekly Trip to the Library: Foodopoly by Wenonah Hauter Do you or the parents you work for try to buy only organic food? Do you only shop at the organic market for food? Do you support the local farmer? Do you ever think the fruit, vegetables, and the chicken you eat tastes different than it […]

Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pulls

Cooking With Kids I have teen-aged boys come to the house after school to play soccer, hockey, and basketball each day. They need big snacks with a lot of sustenance to have enough energy to play their sports. That’s why I constantly search the Internet for snacks for the back of high-energy teens. Luckily the […]

Do You Serve the Kids Organic Produce?

Why I Think Organic Fruits and VegetablesTaste Better With Earth Day celebrations coming up this weekend I want to urge nannies and parents to serve children organic fruits and vegetables. I believe fresh organically grown foods taste better. Think about the tomato sprayed with Windex that Jacqueline Astete described on our blog last year and […]

Painting With Bubble Wrap

Wednesdays Projects Today’s craft was much more about the process than the final product. The unusual texture of bubble wrap is fun to touch and this activity gives little ones an excuse to do it for hours at a time. Supplies Bubble wrap Paint (washable tempura paint) Paper Directions 1. Simply add the paint to the […]

I Like Keeping Kids in a Safe Nanny Bubble

Nanny Confessions: Don’t Talk to Kids About the Boston Bombings Unless They Ask I am so thankful that my employers don’t allow their kids to watch television while I am working. Yesterday, I had a great day with the kids. We went on playdates, to classes, and to sports practice in the fresh Spring air. I […]

Professionals are Paid On-the-Books

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies It’s April 15th and it is Tax Day here in America! Unfortunately when it comes to being paid legally there is a huge problem in America called Nannygate. Nannygate is the term used to describe the estimated 90 percent of working American nannies that are illegally working under-the-table, which robs […]

Have You Ever Used Cloth Diapers?

Nannies Love the GroVia Cloth Diaper System According to The Diaper Jungle it is estimated that each baby will use 6,000 to 8,000 diapers. When using disposable diapers that costs $3,000 and $4,000 dollars per baby. In comparison, enough cloth diapers to last for three years cost between $300 to $800 hundred dollars. At a minimum […]

Book Reviews by Kids for Kids

Geronimo Stilton I’m Too Fond of My Fur by Geronimo Stilton Review by Olivia, 8-Years-Old Do you like adventures? Well then this is the book for you. This book is about a mouse named Geronimo Stilton. Geronimo Stilton is a small, scaredy- mouse. Geronimo gets a phone call from his friend, a scientist. His friend […]

Making Apple Pizza

Cooking With Kids Kids love pizza and they love dessert. Here’s a an easy recipe that combines both their love of pizza and treats but isn’t as rich as the desserts parents don’t want their nannies to serve their little ones. The kids in my care love this delicious treat and they love helping make it as well. You […]

Making Spring Forsythia Blossoms

Creative Wednesdays By Stephanie Felzenberg One of the first blossoms in Spring in New Jersey are the yellow forsythia bush blossoms. In California and other warm-winter areas, forsythia may bloom in January, while here in New Jersey and in Iowa it typically blooms in mid-April. The three-year-old I care for full-time loves all flowers and […]