Parents are Doing the Best They Can

Nanny Confessions One of the best lessons I have learned working as a nanny is that I have never met a parent that doesn’t love their children and that all parents are doing the best they can. I confess that over the years I have disagreed with a lot of the choices parents who have […]

Never Be Condescending to Your Boss

Nanny Confessions: Keep Your Attitude in Check I confess, working as a nanny for 20-years I have developed some pretty strong opinions about how to raise children. I have a point of view on the best way to get infants on a sleep schedule, how to potty train them, and a preferred philosophy about disciplining […]

Children’s Birthdays Remind Me that I’m a Year Closer to Having to Find a New Job

Nanny Confessions I confess, I am sad that my youngest charge has another birthday coming up. Although I am thrilled to see her developing into a confident, curious, intelligent, social, and happy little girl — every time she has a birthday it reminds me that I am one year closer to having to find a […]

Don’t Compare Your Bonus, Raise, or Salary to Other Nannies

Nanny Confessions I confess, I am tired of hearing nannies complain about getting a smaller holiday bonus than their other nanny friends. If you feel upset that you make less, haven’t had a raise, or had a smaller bonus than other nannies I urge you to stop comparing your job and salary to other nannies. Raises […]

Starting a New Nanny Job

What You Need to Know When Starting a New Nanny Job Before starting a new nanny position caregivers and parents should sign a work agreement, fill out necessary tax paperwork such as Form W-4, and fill out and submit any applications for benefits being offered to the new employee. Most nanny placement agencies should be […]

I Want an Affectionate Nanny Above all Else

Parent Confessions: I Don’t Want a Strict, Mean or Demanding Nanny I am a parent and I confess above all else I want my kids to be happy. I want them to truly live a life of peace, love, and joy. To help me achieve this I want to hire a nanny that is kind […]

Nanny Confessions: I Hate Being Around Nannies that Yell at Kids

Study Shows Yelling at Kids Hurts as Much as Hitting Them I confess it makes me uncomfortable to be around other nannies that yell excessively at kids. It is only natural that kids will occasionally “get under our skin”and all adults make mistakes when they are frustrated with kids at times. But, if you want […]

Nannies Work Harder if They Feel Wanted

Nanny Confessions: Parents Should Thank Their Caregivers I confess I work harder when I feel appreciated. I was reading The 100 Simple Secrets of Successful People by David Niven and I agree with his comment that, “We work harder and better when we feel appreciated.” It might sound small, but it’s true. Nannies tend to […]

The Best Nannies Resist the Urge to be Average

Surround Yourself with Positive Influences: Don’t Let Nannies with Bad Attitudes Rub Off On You I feel like I am finally reaching the salary and professional respect that I have been striving for in the past 20-years working as a nanny. There is no doubt that there is lot of luck is involved in finding a […]

Nanny Confessions: It is Just Easier to Work When I am Sick

Does the Family You Work for Have a Back-Up Plan in Case You are Sick? If you get sick do you and the parents have a back-up plan? In all the nanny jobs I have ever worked at for the past 20-years the families I work for and I have never had a temporary nanny […]