Parents Want Nannies to File 1099 to Avoid Paying Employment Taxes

Parents Ask Nannies to File as Self-Employed to Help Themselves, Not Their Nannies Parents that ask their nannies to file a 1099 are helping themselves, not the nannies they employ. Parents ask nannies to file a 1099 to avoid paying employment taxes. The IRS defines nannies as employees so parents that employ nannies must provide their employees a […]

Blooming Bath

Products Nannies Love It’s difficult to bath an infant in a typical bathtub so most nannies and parents bath infants in a sink. When bathing a baby in a sink, Blooming Bath creates an adorable, safe, fun, and convenient bath time experience for babies. The Blooming Bath’s plush materials cradle and cushion babies like no other […]

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett

Weekly Trip to the Library Review by Whitney Ziebarth The best part of being around children is hearing them giggle. It’s the perfect balance between those fine dining hearty squeals and the “you think I’m going to laugh at that?” silent chuckle. Children’s giggles are infused with everything happy in this world and can chase […]

Does the Family You Work for Have an Emergency Plan?

What to Include in an Emergency PlanBy Allen Miller  It’s never comfortable to think about what your family should do or how you should prepare in the event of an emergency, natural disaster or crisis, but the safety and well being of your household could very well depend upon your forethought. Making a definitive plan […]

Don’t Spend a Dime Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

What Are You Doing With Your Charges This Valentine’s Day? Nannies and au pairs can have a lot of fun with their charges without spending a dime of their own money. Although some in-home caregivers like to buy their charges presents and cards I am not even spending my own money on gifts. Instead, I […]

Valentine’s Card Holder

Wednesdays with Whitney: Hungry Heart Holder By Whitney Tang If you care for children that go to school you know what that means…. It means hoards of Valentines coming home on the 14th of February. Make collecting those Valentines a little bit easier this year (and fun) by creating this Hungry Heart Monster with your […]

Nanny Confessions: Children Need Regular Naptimes

Meltdowns Solved – Take a Nap By Elizabeth Hawksworth One of the biggest concerns for parents and nannies is naptime. Some families advise nannies to let their children nap when they want to sleep, while other parents prefer to prescribe how long their children should nap. My nanny confession this week is: naptime routines are […]

Should Nannies Carry Guns?

Tactical Nanny: Security Guard and Nanny in One Julia Marsh of The New York Post interviewed Jonathan Gilliam, a former Navy SEAL, who is developing a new nanny agency, Tactical Nanny, offering female military veterans as caregivers. Gilliam came up with the idea, according to the Post, after the horrific slaying of two children in the Upper West […]

Frog and Toad Are Friends by Arnold Lobel

Weekly Trip to the Library Review By Eve Morse Frog and Toad Are Friends is one of those books that when read for the first time as an adult makes you marvel at the subtleties and humor it contains. It definitely makes you wonder if the subtleties passed us by as children or if we understood […]

Caring for a Newborn

Helpful Hints for Newborn Care SpecialistsBy Amanda Carlson Caring for a newborn child can be one of the most strenuous and emotionally draining experiences anyone can face. This life that has been recently brought into this world is dependent on the care specialist for everything. There is no room for error and great attention needs […]