Parents Want Nannies to File 1099 to Avoid Paying Employment Taxes

Parents Ask Nannies to File as Self-Employed to Help Themselves, Not Their Nannies Parents that ask their nannies to file a 1099 are helping themselves, not the nannies they employ. Parents ask nannies to file a 1099 to avoid paying employment taxes. The IRS defines nannies as employees so parents that employ nannies must provide their employees a […]

The 1099 Trap: Nannies Are Not Self Employed

Tax Season Dilemmas for Nannies By Tom Breedlove There is a fairly common misperception that families can classify a domestic worker as an independent contractor if they want to. Thanks to misinformation floating around on the Internet — and sometimes even bad advice from a general tax professional — some families are misled into thinking […]