Make the Trip to the Zoo a Summer Learning Experience

Once at Home from the Zoo All this week we shared fun ways to help kids learn when taking a trip to the zoo this summer. Once back at home from the zoo, allow the kids to finish their Zoo Books. Ask the kids what were their favorite animals at the zoo and help them […]

Does the Age of Your Nanny Matter?

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of Hiring a Nanny Over 50?photo from In the article Does Age Matter in a Nanny? posted by cafemom web site the author says she’s lucky to have her their Grandma watch them when she works. She says, “I understand that lots of moms feel better going with […]

Preventing Summer Slide at the Zoo

Be a Zoo Detective Using Zoo Checklists and Zoo Scavenger Hunts We have been discussing ways to make going to the zoo with the kids this summer a learning experience. First, we recommended reading books about the zoo and a corresponding art project. Next, we suggest visiting the zoo web site and print out maps […]

Making a Zoo Book

Preventing Summer Slide The kids love it when I help them make a Zoo Book to take with us when we take a trip to the zoo. I print out free coloring pages, checklists, and scavenger hunts from educational web sites for free. I staple the pages together or punch three holes down the left […]

Preparing Summer Slide Going to the Zoo

Games to Play Before Going to the Zoo Here are some games to play with kids to get them prepared to go to the zoo. Animals and Their Young Ones You will need: Pictures of animals and their young ones, white construction sheets (one for each child), and glue. Place the pictures of different zoo […]


Preventing Summer Slide During the summer months nannies and au pairs don’t want the children to have all of their academic progress go down the drain (often called the Summer Slide). We hope to inspire you to incorporate lessons into fun activitties this summer. The Zoo is a great learning experience because there are so […]

123 to the Zoo by Eric Carle

Make Going to the Zoo a Learning Experience for the Kids The summer is approaching (even started for some) and time for nannies and au pairs to prepare fun and safe activities to do with kids. At the same time, we need to keep the kids’ brains form turning into mush in what is often […]

What If Nannies Went on Strike for a Day?

You Think Their Job is Not Necessary?You are Treated as You Treat Others. You Get What You Pay For! If you follow this blog or subscribe to our newsletter you certainly have heard about Domestic Workers United, the organization that helped form the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York that establishes a basic […]

Celebrate Dental Health Day with Kids

Have you had any negative experiences taking children to the dentist? By Anne Merchant Geissler, author of The Child Care Textbook Today is Dental Health Day. Choosing the right foods in your diet is an important aspect in having healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Discuss with the children how making healthy food choices, that […]

What, Me Worry? June To-Do List

What Do You Worry About at Your Nanny Job? Alfred E. Neuman is the long-time cartoon icon of Mad Magazine. His motto and rhetorical question is “What, me worry?” The answer for many nannies is: “Of course! I worry about everything and everybody.” What you worry about, how you worry, and the results of the […]