Walkie Chalk

Products Nannies Love I can’t express how excited I am to have found Walkie Chalk Stand-Up Sidewalk Chalk Holder. Working as a nanny that loves to make obstacle courses for my Nanny Kids. I’m ashamed I didn’t create and market the Walkie Chalk Stand-Up Sidewalk Chalk Holder myself! Now that the weather is warming up […]

Teaching Kids to Stay Found

How to Avoid Getting Lost—And What to Do if it Happens By Heather Stephenson, AMC Outdoors, April 2013 Wanda Rice has organized popular workshops to help kids “stay found” and has given plenty of trailhead talks on safety as leader of the family outings committee of Appalachian Mountain Club’s New Hampshire Chapter. But still she […]

Make the Trip to the Zoo a Summer Learning Experience

Once at Home from the Zoo All this week we shared fun ways to help kids learn when taking a trip to the zoo this summer. Once back at home from the zoo, allow the kids to finish their Zoo Books. Ask the kids what were their favorite animals at the zoo and help them […]

Preparing Summer Slide Going to the Zoo

Games to Play Before Going to the Zoo Here are some games to play with kids to get them prepared to go to the zoo. Animals and Their Young Ones You will need: Pictures of animals and their young ones, white construction sheets (one for each child), and glue. Place the pictures of different zoo […]


Preventing Summer Slide During the summer months nannies and au pairs don’t want the children to have all of their academic progress go down the drain (often called the Summer Slide). We hope to inspire you to incorporate lessons into fun activitties this summer. The Zoo is a great learning experience because there are so […]

Have You Used a Child Safety Shoe ID Tag?

Products Nannies and Au Pairs Love! You turn away for only a moment and your charge is gone, lost in a sea of people, it could be a store, amusement park, or airport. Over the past two weeks we recommended safety tattoos and safety bracelets that include immediate, up-to-date information for police should a child […]