Have You Used a Child Safety Shoe ID Tag?

Products Nannies and Au Pairs Love!

You turn away for only a moment and your charge is gone, lost in a sea of people, it could be a store, amusement park, or airport. Over the past two weeks we recommended safety tattoos and safety bracelets that include immediate, up-to-date information for police should a child in your care go missing.

For Product Review Sunday this week, we recommend another form of identification for children to wear on their shoes.

Who’s Shoes Child Safety Shoe ID Tag lets authorities or a trusted adult contact you directly to quickly reunite you with the child in your care. Who’s Shoes also helps ensure that only the parent or caregiver claims the child when lost — authorities can check your ID against Who’s Shoes Child ID™ information.

Most toddlers cannot identify who they are or who their parents are. Who’s Shoes Child ID™ will protect the child and give you and your child peace of mind.

Personal information is protected inside Who’s Shoes Child ID™ so no need to worry about a stranger calling out your child’s name.

You are traveling with your family and a child becomes lost use an extra Who’s Shoes Child ID™ to provide local information with hotel, resort numbers, and cell phone numbers.

The Who’s Shoe ID band is made of high-quality Velcro® and a water resistant information label. Shoe ID Tags (ID bands) fits over laces, Velcro®, boot loops, and sandals. Kits include a set of two — one for the fight shoe and one for the left shoe.

Click here to visit the product web site.

Have you ever used a child safety ID tag?


  1. Never saw this but it's a great idea and I will tell my boss about it tomorrow.

  2. Super idea. Are they easy to switch from one pair of shoes to antoher?

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