Preventing Summer Slide

During the summer months nannies and au pairs don’t want the children to have all of their academic progress go down the drain (often called the Summer Slide). We hope to inspire you to incorporate lessons into fun activitties this summer.

The Zoo is a great learning experience because there are so many different lessons that could spin off from going to the zoo.

Before going to the zoo check out the zoo website. Download a map of the zoo and get the kids involved using the map.

First, help the kids learn what the symbols in the legend mean. Then, ask them to find: all the bathrooms on the map, all the exits, where do the birds live, where is the petting zoo, and where is the train ride?

Next, using the legend you can measure how far it is between one exhibit to another. Have the kids try to estimate how long it might take to walk from one exhibit to another.

Have the children mark their favorite animal exhibits on the map. Then, have them you plot out the sensible route from exhibit to exhibit.

Keep the maps because once they get to the zoo you will have them use the Zoo map for other activities.

More resources to help kids learn about maps:
1. Owl and Mouse: Interactive, printable, and puzzle maps


  1. Great advice I never thought to do that and it's a wonderful learning opportunity.

  2. No other nanny I know in the neighborhood where I currently work would ever take the extra mile to do this with the kids. Thanks for supporting us and encouraging us with such activities! 🙂

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