123 to the Zoo by Eric Carle

Make Going to the Zoo a Learning Experience for the Kids

The summer is approaching (even started for some) and time for nannies and au pairs to prepare fun and safe activities to do with kids.

At the same time, we need to keep the kids’ brains form turning into mush in what is often called the “summer slide.” While they are out of school, we need to provide structured activities that will keep the kids learning during the summer. The goal is to keep them having so much fun, they won’t even notice they are learning.

In preparation for going to the zoo, read 123 to the Zooby Eric Carle. Not only is this book a great counting book but if you are teaching zoo themes this book is a must.

Discuss how he uses pain textures and cuts paper to create his illustrations. Cut large pieces of white poster board paper for each child. Allow them to use paint brushes, sponges, toothbrushes, and combs to create different textures on their paper with paint. The kids can paint spots, stripes, and any other shapes they want.

After the paper has dried, give them patterns to trace out and cut. Use scraps from their cut outs to make eyes, eyelashes, trunks, ears, hooves, horns, and manes.

Stop by Monday for more fun learning activities to do with kids when going to the zoo.


  1. What a fun idea! Will definitely do this!

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