Making a Zoo Book

Preventing Summer Slide

The kids love it when I help them make a Zoo Book to take with us when we take a trip to the zoo. I print out free coloring pages, checklists, and scavenger hunts from educational web sites for free. I staple the pages together or punch three holes down the left margin of the papers and use yarn or ribbon to tie them together. Then, one or two days before our trip to the zoo the kids can start coloring the books to help build anticipation for the trip.

Great free coloring pages can be found at the NationalGeographic website. Collect pictures of zoo babies and their mothers to bring to the zoo so the kids can match the animal babies with their mothers.

Many great zoo-themed words searches, mini books, crafts, games, and zoo puzzles can be found at the busybeecrafts website.

I highly recommend visiting the kidsoup website for free zoo crafts and activities as well.

Most importantly, print out Zoo Checklists to add to your Zoo Books that the kids can bring with them on the trip to the zoo. Click here for my favorite Zoo Checklist or the abcteach website for an easier checklist for younger kids.

Stop by tomorrow for a Zoo Scavenger Hunt with the kids!


  1. Luv this idea. THX

  2. We are making this! Super fun Steph! I think the parents will appreciate this too!

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