March To-Do List

Bed Posture: Why You Probably Don’t Sleep Like a Baby

Last month’s to-do list focused on proper posture when standing, walking, and sitting. Since we spend one-third of our lives in bed, this month we discuss proper posture in bed.

The basic rules for bed posture are the same for adults, children, and infants: sleep on the back or on the side on a firm mattress.

For comfort when sleeping on the back, adults often use a pillow under the knees and under the neck. Most seem to like a pillow under the head, though it puts the spine out of alignment. When side sleeping, a pillow or folded blanket between the knees eases knee-to-knee pressure.

If only it were so simple to get comfortable. Instead, many people experience interrupted or disturbed sleep and wake up tired and achy.

Nannies report that their daily activities often cause knee and ankle pain, aching legs, sore shoulders, and sore backs. Consequently, they adjust their position in bed to relieve the prevailing discomfort.

Or, multiple pillows are used to elevate the trunk to relieve GERD or post-nasal drip. Sometimes the weight of a blanket or a comforter can cause or aggravate aching feet or toes. Or the bed may be too soft or the room may be too hot or too cold or any of a myriad of reasons that may prevent a restful sleep.

Note how you feel when you arise and make any adjustments to your bed posture and environment to ensure that you get a sound and restful sleep. You need it and you deserve it. Awareness is the first step to proper bed posture.

Do you wake up refreshed? How does being a nanny impact your sleep?

Tomorrow: Review of the Best Front Baby Carriers


  1. I never wake up refreshed except on Sunday mornings. My work day is super long and I have to wake up so early (4:30am) on week days. I ache a lot too. But I love my job so I make up sleep on Saturdays then have energy finally on Sundays to do what I want.

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