December To-Do List

PEACE FOR YOU, AND SOME QUIET TOO! This is the season when it is customary to wish to others the best of all gifts: Peace. The word “peace” can take on many meanings. Peace can mean: acceptance, serenity, tranquility, quiet confidence, and wisdom. Peace is not agitation, rage, yelling, unlimited stress, or violence. It is […]

November To-Do List

Something You Positively Must Do in November – BE POSITIVE! Adopt, accentuate, and exude a positive attitude. Being positive with yourself, the kids, and parents helps get positive results. Do not be a downer, a drama queen, or a complainer. It is so easy to fall into a rut when petty annoyances become out sized […]

October To-Do List

In Case of… In case of an emergency, your identification and contact numbers are stolen or unavailable, or your charges are hurt or missing, develop a system to retrieve vital information. A quick option is to send yourself an email with the data police or medical personnel might need. Include images, even video, of your […]

September To-Do List: Do You Have Health Insurance?

Responsibility, Reform, Research Earlier this year we presented a series that highlighted the year-to-year changes mandated by new health care laws. Click here to see a summary of the series or enter “health care reform” in our search engine. You should be aware that these newly enacted laws and regulations do not form a socialist […]

August To-Do List: Resolve to Simplify, to Focus, and to Get Real

Happy New (school) Year!Happy New Year? What? We know that it is August, not January. But, for the nanny and au pair, August or early September is the start of the New Year — a new school year for your charges. New challenges, new anxieties, and new opportunities. And a good time for a nanny […]

May To-Do List

May. The very name of the month implies uncertainty and redundancy; may also means may not, even when not stating both. Here are some thoughts for changing “may” into “can.” Thinking of eating better? Do it now. Less fried food. Less processed food. Less salt. More fruit. More vegetable. More high quality food , less […]


Monthly To-Do List for Nannies File your tax return by April 15th, or file for an extension. If you owe money and do not have the payment, you still must file. Hide view of your driver’s lisence. If you can open your purse or wallet and any bystander can read your name and address from […]

Be the Best Nanny Newsletter March To-Do List for Nannies and Au Pairs

March is a month of changes — winter goes out, spring comes in. Indeed, March is a month in which you should pay attention to “ins” and “outs.“ Get out of debt. Credit card minimums and rates are increasing are increasing. Get out from under the highest interest cards. Put more payments in and get […]