Elmo and Cookie Monster Jack-O-Lanterns

These are cute jack-o-lanterns a little girl and I made to resemble some of our most beloved Sesame Street characters — Elmo and Cookie Monster. Check out how to make cute painted pumpkins that look like donuts by clicking here.

You Will Need:

2 Small or Medium-Sized Pumpkins
Red and Blue Spray Paint
Round and Oval Styrofoam Balls
Black Sharpie Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Brown Paper
Paper Plate

What to Do:

1. Cut off the tops of the two pumpkins with the stems. Clean out the inside of the pumpkins removing the seeds and pulp. Cut out a mouth on the bottom half of the pumpkins.

2. Spray paint one pumpkin red and another pumpkin blue. Paint an oval styrofoam ball red to be Elmo’s nose.

3. Use a black marker to draw pupils on round styrofoam balls to resemble eyes.

4. Using hot glue attach eyes to the pumpkins and the red, oval nose to the red pumpkin.

5. Trace round shapes on brown paper. Have the children cut out the circles to resemble cookies. Have them draw black chocolate chips on the round paper with a black Sharpie marker.

6. Glue cookies to a paper plate and one to the mouth of the blue Cookie Monster.

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