Hot Wheels and Matchbox Car Storage

A mother recently asked me to store her children’s Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. To determine what were the best storage products I first had the children help me count how many toys cars they each have. Then, each child was allowed to determine if they want their cars displayed in their bedrooms or playroom or kept in a carrying case. The mother and the children decided on a mix of both. Here are the storage products we used to store hundreds of their toy cars. You can purchase the cases by clicking the links below.

Wooden Display Case

One of the boys in the family wanted to display his favorite cars in his room with this beautiful wood carved toy car storage organizer. This display case can be mounted on a wall or free standing and holds 48 cars. It includes wood tiles to include the child’s name on their stand and a sticker game that encourages children to clean up their toy cars.

Clear Toy Carrying Case

The same boy who chose to display his favorite cars in his room chose this double sided clear carrying case to store the rest of his 48 toy cars. He likes that he can see the cars through the case and can easily bring the toy cars with him around his home or on trips to his Grandma’s house with the case.

Hot Wheels Rolling Storage Case

The other son chose this Hot Wheels rolling storage case to store his toy cars. This is how most of the families I have worked for stores the toys. This rugged plastic case has a latch to keep up to 100 toy car secure. The handle and wheels makes it easy to take the toys car collection anywhere.

Hot Wheels Display Case

The youngest child, the daughter in the family chose to get two of these Hot Wheels display case for her 24 cars. These display cases attach directly to the car tracks.

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