Painted Pumpkin Donuts

No Cut Jack-O-Lanterns

You don’t have to use knives to cut messy jack-o-lanterns to decorate pumpkins with the kids to prepare for Halloween. These cute pumpkin donuts are easy to decorate and really do look like the real thing and good enough to eat.

You Will Need:

6 Mini, Flat Pumpkins
Paint Brushes
Paint (Light Pink, White, and Dark Brown)
Empty Donut Box
Multi-Colored Sharpie Markers or Real Rainbow Sprinkles
Spray Adhesive (if using real sprinkles)

What to Do:

1. Clean and dry the mini pumpkins. Protect the work space.
2. Paint the top, one-third of the pumpkins with donut icing colored paint. Paint two with pink paint (strawberry icing), two with white paint (vanilla icing), and two with dark brown paint (chocolate icing). Allow to dry.
3. Use rainbow colored Sharpie markers to draw sprinkles on the donuts. Or, spray tops of pumpkins with spray adhesive then quickly scatter real rainbow sprinkles on the pumpkins, one pumpkin at a time, before the adhesive dries.
4. Display the pumpkin donuts in an empty donut box.


  1. […] the kids to use paint and Sharpie markers to decorate their pumpkins for Halloween (see the donut pumpkins we made earlier this Autumn). I saw this idea for making a caterpillar out of mini pumpkins online […]

  2. […] These are cute jack-o-lanterns a little girl and I made to resemble some of our most beloved Sesame Street characters — Elmo and Cookie Monster. Check out how to make cute painted pumpkins that look like donuts by clicking here. […]

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