Caterpillar Pumpkins

pumpkin-best-nanny-newsletterHalloween Project

I am not a fan of cutting pumpkins to make jack o’ lanterns. I prefer allowing the kids to use paint and Sharpie markers to decorate their pumpkins for Halloween (see the donut pumpkins we made earlier this Autumn). I saw this idea for making a caterpillar out of mini pumpkins online but I have not been able to find the link again to share with our readers. Here is how my six-year-old Nanny Kid and I made this caterpillar out of pumpkins.

You Will Need:

A small pumpkin
Several flat mini pumpkins or gourds
Tooth picks
Paint or Sharpie Markers

What to Do:

1. Cut off stems from mini pumpkins and wash and dry all pumpkins or gourds.
2. Allow the child to decorate the mini pumpkins with paint or permanent markers.
3. Use paint or permanent markers to decorate the small pumpkin with eyes and a smile.
4. Line up the pumpkins with the mini pumpkins on their sides to see how you would like the finished caterpillar to look like. Use a nail to poke a hole in the small pumpkin (head of caterpillar) and in the mini pumpkin or gourd that you will attach to the small pumpkin. Make the hole in both pumpkins so they will line up with a toothpick.
5. Put a little glue on one side of the toothpick. Insert half of the toothpick into the head of the caterpillar and then put a little glue on the other side of the toothpick and stick the mini pumpkin or gourd onto the other half of the toothpick.
6. Continue using a nail to start a hole in each mini pumpkin or gourd until all mini pumpkins and gourds are lined up to create a caterpillar.

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