Snowflake Craft

I had leftover white beads from Christmas crafts to make this easy snowflake craft. But you can let the children use blue, silver, and clear beads to make their own patterns to make this snowflake. It’s great activity to encourage fine motor skills, counting, and pattens.

Don’t forget to check out how to make snowflakes using cotton swabs, or coffee filters, or paper and paint with water color, or from crafts sticks on my blog.

I also recommend reading “All the a little Snowflakes,” “The Story of Snow,” “Curious About Snow,” “Snowflakes Fall,”The Snowy Day,” and “Charlie and Lola: Snow is My Favorite and My Best.”

You Will Need:

Chenille Stems

What to Do:

1. Cut chenille stems in half. You only need 3 half stems per snowflake.

2. Twist three of the half chenille stems together in the center.

3. We only had white beads but you can have the children create patterns with different colored beads if you have other colored beads.

4. When done adding beads bend the end of the chenille stems to keep the beads from falling off.

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