13 of Our Favorite Halloween Projects and Treats

img_8102Creative Wednesdays

There is nothing more fun than making spooky Halloween projects and treats with the nanny kids to build their anticipation for the holiday. Store bought desserts, games, and decorations just don’t cut it like the homemade versions. Allow even the youngest nanny kids help make these simple projects by having them mix, bake, and decorate all of the Halloween projects and treats.

img_80891. Ghost Cookies

I used to use peanut butter cookies dipped in white chocolate to make ghost cookies. But with so many children allergic to peanuts I simply replaced Nutter Butter cookies with ghost-shaped sugar cookies. Click here see how to make these cookies on our blog.

img_80962. Halloween Eggs

The family I work for had left over Easter egg dye kits sitting around the house so I used a Sharpie marker and orange and green egg dye to make some Halloween themed hard boiled eggs. Use a Sharpie marker to make ghosts and jack-o-lantern, witches, and Frankenstein eggs.

img_80903. You’ve Been Ghosted!

This is a fun game with friends and neighbors. Fill a gift bag with Halloween Ghost Cookies or anything related to Halloween including: Halloween candy, little plastic spiders, or rubber Halloween characters. Include the special poem to play this fun game.

img_80914. Witches Hat Ring Toss

This ring toss game was a hit at our elementary school Harvest Festival. Use a colored foam board or wooden plank for the base. Then make witches hats from construction paper or jut buy some party hats at the party store and paint them black. Keep the ring toss to use every Halloween.

img_8092-15. No Bake Pumpkin Bites

These no bake peanut butter bites are great for kids that don’t like the taste of pumpkin. They are super sweet so make them small. Substitute almond butter, cashew butter, hazelnut butter, or sunflower seed butter for kids that are allergic to peanuts.

img_80936. Paper Bag Pumpkin Project

Have the kids paint a large brown lunch bag with orange paint. Allow them to paint the top 3-inches of the bag with dark brown paint. Let the kids crumble up a few pieces of newspaper. After the paint on the paper bag is dry, stuff the paper bag with scrunched up newspaper and shape the bottom to make a circle or pumpkin shape. Twist the top of the paper bag to create a stem and use green ribbon to tie it shut.

img_80977. Glue Ghosts

Making organized crafts with toddlers can be frustrating sometimes because all they want to do is make giant blobs of glue piles. With this craft, you get to put that effort to good use and make a fun Halloween decoration in the mean time.

img_80988. Frankenstein Lantern

All you need is an empty jar, glow stick, black marker, and glitter to make this very impressive festive holiday project.

img_80959. Frankenfoot

This is a project to do with toddlers with your youngest nanny kids. With a little bit of washable green paint and black markers just follow the simple directions on our blog to make this adorable Halloween craft.

img_810110. Halloween Tins

Remove the paper from soup cans and decorate them with construction paper and Halloween themed foam stickers you can find at nearly any craft store. Use them as pencil holders, as goody bags for a Halloween party, or simply decorate the mantel with these fun characters.

img_808811. Toilet Paper Tube Characters

Making Halloween projects doesn’t get easier than this. We just recycled toilet paper tube rolls and decorated them with construction paper to transform them into familiar Halloween creatures. Click here to see instructions.

img_809412. Pumpkin Pancakes

Check out our delicious pumpkin pancake recipe by clicking here. If you don’t have pumpkin handy you can always just add any flavor the kids like to the pancakes such as pumpkin spice or cinnamon and use orange food coloring with store-bought pancake mix.

img_809913. Bat Cupcakes

There is no dessert better for a Halloween party than homemade cupcakes. Check out a few cupcake kits to use to make Halloween special for the children left in your care.

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