Glue Ghosts

bbbHalloween Fun

Making organized crafts with toddlers can be frustrating sometimes because all they want to do is make giant blobs of glue piles. With this craft, you get to put that effort to good use and make a fun Halloween decoration in the mean time!

You Will Need:
Wax paper
Googly eyes
Other small decorations like glitter and sequins

What to Do: 

1. Begin by lying out a large sheet of wax paper. You don’t want the glue to get on Mom’s antique dining room table!
2. Now simply let the kiddos go to work on their glue globs! They can be big, small, shaped like a ghost, or shaped like a star – either way they’ll turn out great!
3. Once your little one feels like they have exhausted the glue (or the bottle
is simply empty!), let them place on the googly eyes.
4. From here it is simply decoration – they can use sequins to make a mouth, string to make hair, or glitter just to make it pretty!
ccc5. Now just let the ghosts dry and place then around the house for some spooky

Project by Whitney Tang.


  1. Are these to stick on windows?


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