Our Favorite Halloween Projects

eeeMore Ideas for Halloween

There are still a few days to do Halloween projects with the kids. We have been posting some fun things to do on Wednesdays during the month of October. Now we are going to share the most popular projects we’ve shared in the past. Enjoy doing these fun projects and sharing the yummy treats with the kids!

Mummy Pumpkin: To make the mummy pumpkin above, and other fun pumpkin characters, click here.

aaaMummy Pizzas: These adorable pizzas made to look like mummies make a quick and easy treat for the kiddos. Click here to see how to make this yummy snack.

dddGlue Ghosts: These glue ghosts are the most repined project that we have on Pinterest. Click here to see what all the excitement for this project is about.

cccGhost Eggs: Instead of just serving junk and candy on Halloween you can serve holiday treats that are healthy for the kids like eggs. See how to make these ghost eggs, and other healthy Halloween options, by clicking here.

aaaCaramel and Candy Apples: Don’t spend a fortune on buying store bought candy and caramel apples. Instead see how to make them with the kids. Click here to see how we did it.

bbbNutter Butter Ghosts: One of the most loved Halloween cookies to make are ghosts made by using Nutter Butter cookies and white chocolate. Click here to see how we made these favorite Halloween cookies.

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