Blowout Blocker and Soaker Stopper Diaper Extensions

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It is terribly frustrating when babies soak through their diapers while sleeping at night and there is nothing worse then a sick baby who has a blowout diaper up their back or down their legs. Nightly diaper leaks require a change of clothes and new bedding, a bath, and then trying to get the little one back to sleep. That’s why I am so excited to have found Baby Blowout and Soaker Stopper Diaper Extensions.

There are three extensions to choose from: the Back Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension, the Leg Blowout Diaper, and the Soaker Stopper Diaper Extension to Prevent Nighttime Diaper Leaks. The Blowout Blockers create a barrier between the diaper blowout mess and the baby’s clothes, relieving caregivers from the stress of the dreaded blowout mess. With the security of the Blowout Blocker the mess is contained and easy to clean up. No more soaking or replacing soiled clothes, blankets, and car seat covers.

Simply choose the diaper blocker for the area the baby typically soaks through while sleeping. They are all made with soft, breathable materials, with an adjustable waistband, and are machine washable.

You can purchase your own Blowout Diaper Blockers by clicking the links in the review above and below:

Back Blowout Blocker Diaper Extension

Leg Blowout Diaper

Soaker Stopper Diaper Extension to Prevent Nighttime Diaper Leaks


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    I would like to know about other item for baby

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