Opinion-Shopping: When Kids Ask Parents Although the Nanny Already Gave Them an Answer

Nanny Confessions: Back Me Up

I confess there are few things as annoying as when the kids call their parents because I didn’t give them the answer they wanted.

My Dad Boss calls it opinion-shopping: when kids keep asking the adults in charge a question that was already answered by another adult, to try to get permission to do what they want. They keep “shopping” until they get the answer they want.

Opinion-shopping by kids is just as aggravating to the parents as it is for nannies. All kids are manipulative so there’s no need for nannies or parents to take it personally when the children opinion-shop. But, adults shouldn’t ignore the problem either.

It benefits both employers and nannies to back one another up. Nannies and parents must communicate together to make sure they are on the same page. As a united front they should explain to the kids that once a parent or nanny makes a decision, the other adults will support those decisions.

When in doubt, parents and nannies should check in with the other. Parents and nannies can quickly text or call the other to confirm that the other hasn’t already said “No” to the children.

Don’t let kids pit parents and nannies against one another. If things get bad enough parents need to create consequences the kids can expect if they continue opinion-shopping when their nanny has already said “No.”

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