Picture Crossword Puzzle

img_7475Creative Wednesday

Make a fun crossword puzzle using pictures as clues instead of words. You don’t need to use a computer to make the crossword puzzle. Make the crossword puzzle using graph paper and markers. I found this project in 365 Art and Craft Activities. Depending on the age of your nanny kids include sight words they know or use spelling words from school.

You Will Need:

Graph Paper
Tracing Paper
Black Felt Tip Pen

What to Do:

1. Pick words to include in the crossword puzzle, making sure they each word can connect with another word.

2. Make your answer key using graph paper. Draw a square for each letter of each word in the puzzle, connecting the words with a shared letter. Write in each letter. Then number each word going across and down.

3. Cover the crossword puzzle on graph paper with a piece of tracing paper. Copy the squares without including the letters in the squares. Alternatively, you can just just recreate the squares on another piece of graph paper, without including the letters.

4. Draw the clue for each word and number the clues to match the word. Be sure to draw the clues in the appropriate “Across” column or “Down” column.

5. Draw a decorative border or color in the drawings as desired. Make photocopies so you can share it again with other children.


365 Art and Craft Activities

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