Mixie Formula Baby Bottle

img_7581Keeps Water and Formula Separate Until Feeding Time

I always found it a messy challenge making formula baby bottles while out of the house with a hungry baby. But then I heard about this one-of-a-kind baby formula bottle that was designed by a father so it can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time. The Mixie Baby Bottle has an internal chamber that holds up to four scoops of formula and keeps it dry with an air-tight seal at the bottom of the bottom. Then you fill the 8 oz. bottle or 4 oz. bottle with water and pop it in your baby bag so it is ready when the baby gets hungry on outings.

When it’s time to feed the baby, just pop the button to release the powder formula and shake to blend. The Mixie Baby Bottle has a compartment lid that acts as a free-floating agitator to effectively mix formula while eliminating powder clumps.

The bottle is sealed with a wide-neck, food-grade silicone nipple that is vented to minimize colic symptoms, to keep infants content during and after feedings.

The Mixie Baby Bottle is dishwasher-safe. The bottle comes with one stage 2 nipple with additional nipples sold separately. It is made out of BPA- and PVC-free plastic in China.

You can purchase your own Mixie Baby Bottle by clicking the links in the article above or below.

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