Willa Walker: Helpful or Hype?

img_7459Product Review Sunday

You can start using a Willa Walker when a baby is starting to cruise around the home while holding onto your fingers or furniture, can support their own weight, and can grip the rings on their own. This usually occurs sometime after the baby is 9-months-old.

Start with the baby in a sitting position and hold the Willa Walker so that she can grip the rings. Once she has a firm grip, slowly lift the handle, so that the baby can pull herself up to a standing position.

While standing always hold the Willa Walker such that the CHILD’S ELBOWS ARE BELOW THEIR SHOULDERS. This ensures that you are not stressing their little joints. Never yank up on the WIlla Walker. Never pull up so the child’s feet leave the ground. The child should be SUPPORTING THEIR OWN WEIGHT at all times, just using the Willa Walker to help with balance.

Click here for illustrated instructions and videos to show how to use the Willa Walker.

The Willa Walker is not a toy but a simple tool made from responsibly sourced hardwood and cotton which can make that special milestone of learning to walk even more joyful. Willa Walkers are made from wood, cotton and coconut oil, that’s it.

You can purchase a Willa Walker by clicking any link above.

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