Dunstan Baby Language

Have nannies and au pairs tried Dunstan Baby Language?

Have you heard about Dunstan Baby Language on Oprah or while attending Nannypalooza this October?

Priscilla Dunstan discovered that every newborn communicates from birth to three months using five distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower gas, and discomfort. This is regardless of the language their parents speak. It is not a learned language. Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs based on baby’s physical responses, called reflexes.

For example, when a baby is hungry it will start to suck, and as sound is added to the reflex, the ‘word’ for hunger is produced which is, “Neh.” These are the baby’s first communications, which occur before actual crying develops. The sooner the ‘word’ for hunger is identified the sooner a parent can respond by feeding, resulting in less crying and less discomfort for baby and for parents and caregivers.

Dunstan Baby Language


  1. I did see this show on Oprah and was intrigued. I would like to hear if other nanny's find it helpful. I was not sure how to find it but I will read more about it now.

  2. I did see this on Oprah and bought the dvd. I think Neh is easy to learn because you are looking for the tongue at the top of the mouth like they are sucking. All the other reflexes are hard to learn actually. Don't see anything wrong with trying something that may help you learn what a newborn wants or needs.Nanny 10 Yrs ExperienceTara from Newport

  3. I cared for a 4 month old- and YES it's VERY TRUE!!!Since I don't have too much experience with newborns (yet!)- it was really helpful in trying to figure out what the baby wanted/needed.But at about 5 and a half months-he did not make those sounds anymore- but since he was on a more regular schedule, I was able to anticipate his needs.Really worth checking out!~Andrea- Nanny in Northern, NJ

  4. I agree that it works. I recommend watching the dvd's BEFORE you are working with an infant. Takes a lot of practice and not easy immediately. Neh is easiest. Rest may take some time. I think it is very true and very helpful. Like mentioned above some of the sounds are easier then others.Andrea, you are right that they say it works for first 3 months only since the sounds are reflexs. Once they are 5 months babies should be able to control their voices more, I think is the philosoply.

  5. Sounds screwy to me. Thousands of years and no one ever thought of it until now? Plus the founder of Dunstan baby language teaches all the other cues we all already know. When a baby arches his back he is uncomfortable she says, no duh?!Unconvinced Nanny

  6. I dont think "unconvinced nanny" should be cynical until s/he tries it. I did see this on Oprah a few years ago and then never heard of it again. Willing to Learn Nanny

  7. It works it definitely works. It does not help 100 % of the time but usually it does help determine what is wrong.Camille Los Angeles

  8. Priscilla Dunstan who discovered the language was on the Today Show this past week with a new child care discovery based on children and the 5 senses. But the baby cries language information is on her website as well as the new senses info.

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