Modernizing Mari Poppinz Nanny Essay Contest!

The Top 20 Nanny Responders Win A One Year Subscription To The ChildCare Education Institute’s Online Courses. Purpose of this contest: 1. To encourage nannies to receive training or continuing education in child development so they will be more knowledgeable and able to provide better care to children. 2. To boost the confidence of nannies […]

Free Membership for Parents 6-Month Membership Giveaway! Today we are starting a free giveaway for parents! is a premier online matchmaker for families seeking nannies and babysitters. Parents can use to search for nannies and babysitters by zip code, rate, availability, experience, and more! We all know how hard it is to find reliable, trustworthy care. […]

Envisioning a Three-Tier Nanny Credential

Last week we posted an article explaining that educated caregivers command higher salaries. Click here to read that article. Yesterday we explained the International Nanny Association Credential Exam and Basic Skills Assessment. Another organization that believes in the importance of accrediting nannies is the National Association for Nanny Care (NANC). NANC believes there are three […]

Credential Exams for Nannies

Last week we started discussing nanny training. Click here to see our article on the topic. Currently there are two nanny credential exams available for nannies created by the International Nanny Association (INA). There is a challenging INA Nanny Credential Exam and new INA Basic Skills Assessment. The International Nanny Association (INA) Nanny Credential Exam […]

Book Review of Elementary Science Activities for All Seasons By Julia Moutran

Weekly Trip to the Library for Au Pairs and Nannies Every child likes science because it encompasses a variety of topics that cover a wide range of material including weather, animals, plant life, the environment, the human body, outer space, the moon and stars, and energy from solar to volcanic activity. October is a great season […]

Nanny Training Article Correction Appended

There has been a correction to the Big City column on Tuesday, about the Absolute Best Care Learning Center. Please click here to view the correction. Absolute Best Care Learning Center is a child care placement agency in Manhattan that offers a state-licensed course for nannies. A state license requires licensed teachers, a curriculum reviewed […]

Being a Governess Abroad

Another Way for Americans to Experience Other Cultures Yesterday we discussed how Americans can become au pairs abroad. But, only young adults may join the au pair cultural exchange program. Governesses, home school teachers, and teachers (whether young or old) can also teach in-homes overseas. Many American families work and live overseas. The parents may want […]

Working as an Au Pair Abroad

For the Cultural Experience, Not the Money Yesterday an American nanny asked for information for becoming an au pair in Europe. Au pairs are young adults who want to travel, learn a new language, experience a different culture, and share their own language and culture with a host family from another country. In exchange for room and board […]

How to Become an Au Pair for an American Family

New Article for Au Pairs on eHow.comBy tesora Below is part of a new article found on To see the entire article click here. Step 1Study English. If you will be living with a family in the United States you will need to be able to understand and speak basic English. Most American families […]

Higher Education Commands Higher Nanny Wages

Nanny Training By Anne Merchant, Author The Child Care Textbook  Further education is a win-win scenario for childcare providers, parents, and children. Research confirms what we all intuitively understand: that superior training and education results in nannies that provide superior childcare. It is estimated that in 12 million households both parents work full-time. This fact […]