Book Review of Elementary Science Activities for All Seasons By Julia Moutran

Weekly Trip to the Library for Au Pairs and Nannies

Every child likes science because it encompasses a variety of topics that cover a wide range of material including weather, animals, plant life, the environment, the human body, outer space, the moon and stars, and energy from solar to volcanic activity. October is a great season in New England for nannies and au pairs to take advantage of fall folliage to teach children about plant life, weather, and the environment. Elementary Science Activites for All Seasons by Julia Moutran is a great resource for nannies and au pairs to use with the children under their charge. This book provides stimulating, ready-to-teach experiments, outdoor activities, puzzles, and arts and crafts projects for children in Kindergarten to sixth grade.  Not only will nannies and au pairs enjoy doing these science activities but they will bond with the children while making the parents proud that their employee is willing to take the initiative to help teach their children while having fun. To try an autumn project from  Elementary Science Activities for All Seasons by Julia Moutran click here.
Stop by next Saturday for another weekly trip to the library for nannies and au pairs. If you have a book you would like reviewed please contact stephanie @

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