Higher Education Commands Higher Nanny Wages

Nanny Training By Anne Merchant, Author The Child Care Textbook  Further education is a win-win scenario for childcare providers, parents, and children. Research confirms what we all intuitively understand: that superior training and education results in nannies that provide superior childcare. It is estimated that in 12 million households both parents work full-time. This fact […]

Nanny Training Article Made it to NBC

Article about Nanny Training made it to NBC. Click here to see the article. Call it babysitter boot camp.Nannies are often the first line of defense when it comes to child rearing for working families. But they often lack any professional child-care training. “My biggest concern was really trusting the person I leave at home […]

Wall St Journal: The Latest Status Symbol? Nanny-Management Degrees

The Wall Street Journal posted the following article on their blog: Employing a full-time babysitter or nanny is in itself something of a high-end child-care option. But every high-end option has a high-high-end option—or several—and the in-home care of children is no exception. My Journal colleague Robert Frank, of the Wealth Report blog, wrote on […]

Columbus Day Party

At Nannypalooza this past weekend Patty Sachs, author of Pick a Party The Big Book of Party Themes and Occasions included signed copies of her book in the welcome bags for conference attendees. Monday October 12, 2009 is Columbus Day and there is still time to coordinate a quick Columbus Day party for your charges. […]

The Method and Discipline to Motivate Children

Last week we quoted Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills©: Building Our Children’s Character and Achievement for School and Life about motivating children to succeed in school and beyond. Today we list some activities the author suggests using to teach children about time and to help them listen better. The author explains that before children do things, […]

Book Review of Little Lemon

Weekly Trip to the Library  Little Lemon (Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills)By Betsy B. Lee Since we have been discussing motivating children all week it makes sense to recommend a great children’s book called Little Lemon (Activities for Developing Motivation and Memory Skills)to help motivate children. Little Lemon (Activities for Developing Motivation and […]

The First Step is the Hardest

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Motivate Children to Try Something New To continue the discussion of motivating children, Dorothy Rich, author of MegaSkills says that taking a first step, the first time doing something is the hardest. She says, “There is a method and discipline in motivation that can be built from tiny, beginning […]

Beyond Nagging

What Nannies and Au Pairs Can Do Instead of Nagging Today we continue the discussion about motivating children to be successful at school and in life. Dorothy Rich, the author of MegaSkills asks, “How do we get people to do things?” She continues, “Sports people say they do it with inspiration of heroes to be […]