Don’t Be Bugged

You may be a bit of a pest to your charges, but sometimes you have to bug them to protect them.Similarly to sun damage, protection from insect bites is best accomplished by prevention. Avoiding areas known to harbor flying insects and ticks goes a long way to prevent bites. Early morning and early evening are […]

The Au Pair Experience by Washington Post

The Washington PostThe Au Pair ExperienceBy Stacey Garfinkle The recession’s been hitting home in all sorts of ways. And as parents lose their jobs, so, too, do their nannies, writes Annie Gowen in The Washington Post. Nannies in the D.C. region average about $16 per hour, Gowen writes, a huge sum for most of us […]

Nannies No Longer Rule the Roost

Parents Regain Economic Power to Be Picky in Hiring HelpIn Washington Post By Annie GowenWashington Post Staff WriterSunday, June 14, 2009 One Potomac mother of five used to prepare for interviews with prospective nannies like a Hollywood audition. She cleaned her house, made sure the children were quietly coloring and “glamified” the family’s lifestyle, which […]

Sun Safety By The Numbers

Sun Safety for Au Pairs and Nannies The days are longer, the weather is nicer, and you and the kids are out in the sun more often. You should be aware of the dangers of too much sun to yourself and to your charges. Prevention is the correct approach to proper sun care. Besides staying […]

The Child Care Texbook 2007

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs The Child Care Textbook: Required Reading in the Nation’s First Tuition-free, College Credit, Child Care Training Program  is the essential child care primer for those employed to care for children in a private home. The author is Anne Merchant Geissler who developed the Professional Nanny […]


ModernMom.comPosted by Newbie Dad – Kelly on June 10, 2009 Nine months ago I became the proud father to a beautiful daughter named Isabella, after a long battle of getting pregnant. My wife and I have been on cloud nine ever since. During our stay at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, I often looked at my daughter when […]

A Nanny’s Diary for Newsweek

Taking care of another woman’s child was supposed to be a temporary situation as I figured out my next career move. But have I found a calling?By Amy TurekNewsweek I lost my job in June 2008, just before most Americans lost the bulk of their retirement savings in the tumbling stock market. I’d been working […]

Au Pairs and Nannies Working with Teens

10 Great Volunteer Ideas for Teens Andrea Persons is a full-time nanny working in Miami, Florida. Ms. Persons works for a blended family with two teen-aged siblings and two toddler siblings. She asked Be the Best Nanny Newsletter for advice. Question: “The twin teenagers I care for are now over 16-years-old and need some structure […]

Prevent a Medication Mix-Up

Prevent a Medication Mix-Up in Your HomeBy Michelle LaRowe Conover With the number of prescriptions that are handwritten and dispensed by pharmacies across the country each year, it should be no surprise that errors can occur. Even with the most careful doctor writing legibly and pharmacists double checking dosages, when humans are involved no amount […]

Does Cow’s Milk Cause Early Puberty?

Au Pairs and Nannies Can Serve More Than Just Organic Milk A debate has been raging for years over whether girls are now reaching puberty earlier than ever before. The debate escalated in 1997, when the journal Pediatrics published a study of 17,000 girls by Dr. Marcia Herman-Giddens of the University of North Carolina that […]