The Child Care Texbook 2007

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs

The Child Care Textbook: Required Reading in the Nation’s First Tuition-free, College Credit, Child Care Training Program  is the essential child care primer for those employed to care for children in a private home. The author is Anne Merchant Geissler who developed the Professional Nanny Training Program in 1981 and developed the first Weekend Associate Degree Program for nannies in conjunction with Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. She developed Professional Nanny Online, the first nanny training and in-service program offered online that enrolls students worldwide.

The editor of The Child Care Textbook 2007 is the publisher of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter and a full-time professional nanny with 16-years nanny experience, Stephanie Felzenberg .

When the first edition was written more than twenty years ago, it quickly became a staple in child care training programs in the United States and abroad. Since then, it has been the only child care textbook that included topics specifically relating to those providing in-home child care; nannies, au pairs, babysitters, and informal caregivers.

The Child Care Textbook 2007 covers the full range of topics that anyone intending to provide high quality child care. Topics include: keeping children safe, understanding pediatric illness, nutrition, building self-esteem in children, and curriculum and creative play.

Ms. Merchant Geissler also includes important information about the professional development of the child care provider such as: ethics for child care professionals, keys to a lasting caregiver/parent relationship, effective communication, and more.

The Child Care Textbook 2007 is an essential reference for anyone responsible for the care of a child.

You can purchase your own copy by clicking links below:
The Child Care Textbook: Required Reading in the Nation’s First Tuition-free, College Credit, Child Care Training Program


  1. It is great to have a book written for nannies to help train to be a nanny instead of only having childcare books written only for mothers. Very complete and professional for nannies care and all the topics only in home caregivers experience. Thanks, your editing huge improvement from previous editions. Michelle

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