Children’s Books About Siblings

Weekly Trip to the Library Mail Harry to the Moon By Robie H. Harris Ages 3 to 6 Harry’s older brother is enraged when he cries, spits up, or puts him on Grandma’s lap. Big Brother demands that Harry be thrown in the trash, flushed down the toilet, or put back inside Mommy. Finally, on […]

Wars Between Step Siblings and Biological Siblings

Caring for Step Siblings With the divorce rate so high in America it is likely that many nannies and au pairs work with blended families with step parents and step siblings along with biological parents and biological siblings. When working for a blended family there really is no way in-home childcare providers cannot become involved […]

Birth Order and Personality Types

Nannies and Au Pairs Can End Birth Order Stereotypes Birth order does seem to affect personality traits in siblings. But you can end these stereotypes when working with your charges. Parents often have high expectations for firstborns. Firstborns often are eager to please their parents, have high expectations for themselves, are conscientious, and perfectionists. Sometimes […]

It Isn’t Luck When Siblings Get Along

Handling Sibling Bickering Siblings cannot get along perfectly all the time. Even the sweetest children bicker with their siblings. But, if children see how their caregivers appropriately handle conflicts then common sibling bickering can actually help teach sisters and brothers how to resolve conflicts, share, problem-solve, manage frustration, compromise, and to respect others. Here are […]