Colorful Pop-Up Shamrock

Since leprechauns protect the gold that is found at the end of the rainbow I thought to help my Nanny Kids make Saint Patrick’s Day cards inspired with some rainbow colors. I printed out a 3-leaf clover to trace onto colorful paper to make this pop-up shamrock card.

You Will Need:

1 Piece Card Stock Paper
5 Pieces Rainbow Colored Construction or Card Stock Paper
Glue Stick

What to Do:

1. Fold pieces of paper in half.

2. Draw half of a clover along fold of all pieces of construction paper.

3. Cut out the clover from all of the pieces of construction paper.

4. Glue one half side of one clover to one side of another heart. Make sure the folded parts of the hearts line up to one another.

5. Once the shamrocks are dry, line the fold of the clovers into the fold of the card stock paper. Paste the outside of the left side of heart to left side of card stock paper. Paste the outside right half of hearts to the right side of the card stock paper.

6. Once dry, write a message in the card with a marker.

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