Savor Baby Keepsake Box

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The ideal gift for a new parent, the Savor Baby Keepsake Box makes organizing family memories easy, fun, and stylish, even for the busiest parents. The thoughtfully-designed, handcrafted keepsake boxes make sorting keepsakes — from the blankie that comforted her to the first lost tooth – a snap. So you spend more sharing memories, and less time organizing them.

The Savor Keepsake Box keeps all of baby’s important “firsts” tucked neatly away in this unique keepsake box from Savor. The box features nine drawers, eight vertical files, over 50 labels, such as first locks of hair or digital media storage, and much more to customize the box to your liking.

The Savor Baby Keepsake Box also comes in different colors. No need to send it out or pay extra, every box comes personalized with included acetate initials or use your chid’s photographs. Each child feels special to have her own box.

You can purchase the Savor Baby Keepsake Box by tapping the links in this product review or by visiting my Amazon Storefront.

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