New Year’s Eve Hats

I found templates for New Year’s Eve Hats at The web site. It’s best to use heavyweight paper to print the template on. Let the kids decorate the hats any way they want. We curled ribbons to add to the top of the hats.

You Will Need:

Heavyweight or Craft Paper
Templates from
Scotch Tape or Stapler
Markers and Crayons
Stickers, Sequins, Pom Poms
Glue Stick

What to Do:

1. Print the hat template preferably on heavyweight paper.

2. Cut out the hats and carefully cut slits in the hat. See the colored hats templates to see where the slits go on the plain hats.

3. Allow the children to color and decorate the hats as they wish.

4. Curl several pieces of ribbon with scissor. Fold the ribbon in half and tie a knot in the middle of the curly ribbon.

5. Place the knot inside the New Year’s Eve party hat. Fold and curl the New Year’s Eve party hat, slipping the tab inside the slit.

6. Cut two pieces of white ribbon about 12-16 inches long each. Tape them to the inside of the printable New Year’s Eve party hat template using tape or a stapler.


Hat templates at

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