Peach-Filled Pancakes

I typically follow other’s recipes when cooking for my Nanny Family. But this week the children in my care and I bought sweet, juicy peaches at the local farmers market and I made up a recipe to try with them. I took thin slices of peaches and dipped them into pancake batter to make delicious peach-filled pancakes. I served the pancakes with fresh sliced peaches, powdered sugar, and maple syrup.

You Will Need:

Pancake Batter
Powdered Sugar
Maple Syrup

What to Do:

1. Wash and thinly slice ripe peaches.

2. Prepare your favorite pancake batter.

3. Dip a thin peach slice into pancake batter and add it to a heated skillet. When you see the pancake batter bubble, flip the pancake and brown the other side of the peach-filled pancake.

4. Serve with fresh sliced peaches and powdered sugar and/or maple syrup.

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