Rainbow Bird

I found a great blog Mini Mad Things with this template to make a rainbow bird. I used cardboard from my Nanny Family’s recycling bin to make this bird. I painted the cardboard with acrylic paint for the young child before before she decorated her bird. Older children can paint and decorate their cardboard bird themselves. I prefer using pastels to decorate the cardboard than markers or crayons.

Be sure to read children’s books about rainbow birds such as “Rainbow Crow” by Nancy Van Laan, “The Rainbow Bird” by Suzanne de Board, and “The Last Rainbow Bird” by Nora Brech.

You Will Need:

Scissors or Craft Knife
Rainbow Bird Template
Paint, Pastels, Markers

What to Do:

1. Read books about rainbow birds like the once’s listed above. Print the rainbow bird template and cut it out with scissors or craft knife.

2. Trace the template on cardboard and cut out the shapes.

3. Allow the child to decorate the cardboard pieces anyway they want. We liked using paint and pastels.

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