Homemade Heart Lacing Cards

I printed out the heart lacing card template from jennyatdapperhouse to make these lacing cards out of carboard boxes we needed to recycle. You can also trace cookie cutters onto cardboard or foam sheets from the craft store to make your own lacing cards. My 7-year-old Nanny Kid spent hours coming up with different lacing pattens.

You Will Need:

Heart Template
X-Acto Knife
Hole Punch
Paint (optional)

Don’t forget to read Valentine’s Day children’s books prior to, and after, doing this project with your Nanny Kids.

What to Do:

1. Print and cut out template. Trace the heart onto cardboard.

2. Use an X-Acto Knife and scissors to cut out the heart from cardboard (do not allow kids to use the knife).

3. Use a Hole Punch to cut out holes as seen on template.

4. Allow the kids to paint the hearts if they want to. Allow to dry.

5. Wrap some scotch tape around the tip of the Yarn to keep it from fraying and making it easier to thread. Or, use a child-safe needle. Knot the other end of the yarn and tape it to the back of the heart so the children can thread the yard through the heart.

6. When the children are finished with their design knot and tape the yarn to the back of the heart.

Click the links above or visit my storefront to buy the supplies needed for this project.

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