Kick the Paci Habit with Paci Weaning System

Pacifiers work great to help soothe newborns and infants. But, it’s best to get rid of pacifiers as early as possible. Continued use of pacifiers after babies have teeth can cause an overbite in the child.

Dentists recommend kicking the paci habit by the time baby is 12-months-old. That’s why the FridaBaby Paci Weaning System got the weaning process down to a science with this 5-step system to ditch the pacifier for good. Each paci is progressively shorter — and less satisfying — so baby gives that binky the boot. No kitchen scissors required!

The FridaBaby Paci Weaning System works for children that use orthodontic pacifiers. See the chart below.

You can purchase your own FridaBaby Paci Weaning System by clicking the links in this review.

Amazon is a great place to buy baby products because they make pricing clear and they also offer what they call the Family Program. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your money, as it provides members with 20% off of product subscriptions. Click here to try the Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial.

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