“Hooray for Hat!” and Make Paper Hats

Creative Wednesdays

There’s a pervasive dark cloud of grumpiness among the animal friends in Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won, until Elephant gets a delivery of a box containing hats. So he puts all of the hats on his head, and goes visiting his friends, who are also grumpy, giving each of them a hat and making them happy as well. This story shares a sweet message about friendship, making this one of my Nanny Kids’ go-to read aloud books. Also check out Hooray for Books! and Hooray for Today! The kids love making and wearing their own hats after reading this book. I found this link with templates for paper hats. Plus, click here to see how to make a variety of paper plate hats on my blog. Click here to see various ways to make newspaper hats.

Newspaper Hat

You Will Need:


What to Do:

1. Use a whole sheet of newspaper. Fold in half.

2. Fold each of the top corners to the center.

3. Fold top layer at bottom up.

5. Turn the newspaper over and fold up the bottom.

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