Phonics Wheel

Creative Wednesdays

Phonics are an important method of teaching to read by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters. Phonics Wheels are a fun, easy to make, and engaging activity for young learners. Allow children to create wheels by using word families or make a variety of real and nonsense words. Click here to see another easy phonics game I made for my Nanny Kids.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper or White Paper Plates
Split Pins

What to Do:

1. Cut two circles out of paper plates or construction paper.

2. Fold one circle in half, then half again, and again, and again to make 8 triangular sections. Cut out small “V” shapes along the edge of the larger circle to make the sections clear.

3. Write a one to two letter prefix on each triangular section of the circle with a marker.

4. Cut out one triangle out of the other paper circle. Write the two the last two letters (suffix) of the word on this circle. Some suffixes could be “CK,” “OT,” “OP,” “IT,” “AT,” “IG,” “OG,” or “TH.”

5. Use a split pin to attach the top suffix circle to the bottom prefix circle.

6. Play by moving the top circle and sound out the words.

Click here to visit my storefront to buy the supplies needed for this project.


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