Nanit Baby Monitor: Products Nannies Love

Of all the babysitting and nanny jobs I have worked at over the past 28 years I have found the HD Nanit Plus to be my favorite baby monitor.

I like that the parents and I can see what is happening in the crib and nursery via the Nanit app on our cell phones. I loved that the first time I used the app the mother was able to turn on bird sounds in the baby’s room from her Nanit app while out running errands to help the toddler wake up when she over slept during her nap.

The Nanit Plus Baby Monitor camera sees everything happening in and around the crib, with stunning clarity. The HD Nanit Plus baby monitor offers everything the parents need to monitor and track their baby, their sleep, and their breathing motion with a crystal-clear overhead view. It has temperature and humidity sensors and two way audio.

You can choose to buy the Nanit with a floor stand or a wall mount . The floor stand lets parents position Nanit behind the crib against the wall, or free-standing with the optional third leg.

I highly recommend the Nanit Baby Monitor. It’s easy to use with a great app and high tech functions.

You can purchase your own Nanit Baby Monitor by clicking the links above or by visiting my storefront.

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