Craft Stick Patterns

img_5545Creative Play

This is an inexpensive project to make for toddlers and preschoolers that just takes a few minutes to make. I start with making simple designs of triangles, squares, and rectangles for toddlers and make designs more complex as the children grow and develop their matching skills. Just google craft stick pattern ideas for design ideas.

You Will Need:

Index Cards or Card Stock Paper
Colorful Craft Sticks
Colored Sharpie Markers
Laminator or Clear Adhesive Protective Liner (optional)

What to Do:

1. Protect your work surface and gather the supplies.

2. Place crafts sticks on an index card or card stock paper. Start by making a simple design like a squares or triangle.

3. Trace the popsicle sticks with the same colored Sharpie Marker. You can color in the sticks if you choose with crayons or markers.

4. Laminate with clear contact paper or a laminator if you wish to keep and reuse your crafts stick pattern cards.

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