Dinosaur Fossil Sand Toys

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Who doesn’t love dinosaur fossils? The best sand toys inspire hours of imaginative play for children. Whether it is a trip to the beach or just a sandbox in the backyard, these dinosaur sand toys are sure to provide hours of summer fun for you and your Nanny Kids. The best part is you can pull these toys out when it snows in the winter as well.

Large Dinosaur Fossil Sand Molds

This pack of 3 dinosaur skeleton/fossil sand molds playset allows children to shape the unique dinosaur skeleton figures beside their sand castles and animals, to create a bigger sand picture. The playset includes Triceratops (yellow), Tyrannosaurus (red), Stegosaurus (blue) skeleton figures, and sand tools rake and trowel to help make the fossils and play in the sand. The pieces are made of durable and environmental-friendly plastic. Dinosaur skeleton figures measure from 22″ to 25″ in length.

HABA Dinosaur Sand Glove

The Baudino Sand Glove Dinosaur is a flexible dinosaur head for free role play. The toy is great for exciting excavating games in the sand. First bury the head of the dinosaur and then have fun excavating it like real archaeologists. When all dug up, wear it like a glove to take a bite out of the sand. The dinosaur glove also makes digging fun and easy.

ToyVelt Play Sand Kit Dinosaur Toys

This sand kit comes with dinosaur figures, 2D dinosaur molds, and 3D castle molds to let kids three-years-old and older make endless beaches, homes, and Jurassic Park style adventures in their own home. The premium sand is designed like a moldable clay that only sticks to itself and lets children stack, build, stretch, and shape it in hundreds of fun and exciting ways. And because it comes with a variety of great toys they can use to make and re-make new environments.


This is the ultimate Fossil Kinetic Sensory Play Sand, a STEM Science kit, and adventure activity all in one. It’s perfect for any fossil lover and your child will have a blast molding, slicing, and shaping this amazing play sand. It’s a special mixture of sand doesn’t dry out! This sand acts wet while leaving your hands completely dry; it’s also incredibly easy to clean up! So don’t worry about a mess or dust – our premium quality play sand is designed to provide all the fun and none of the hassle. This science kit includes: 6 ocean real fossils, 4 fossil sand molds, 2 pounds of play sand, packaging that converts into a playscape with an incredible diorama, and 1 full-color learning guide.

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