New Year’s Countdown Goodie Bags

img_2452New Year’s Eve Fun with Kids

Grab a few party favors from the party store to give to the kids each hour on New Year’s Eve. Or, write an activity you would like each child to do on a piece of paper and place an activity inside each bag. I have listed some ideas below.

Simply write the hours on the goody bags with markers or print out these festive images to paste on the paper bags. I printed two separate styles of images so each child had different looking bags. I also used these clocks to print out and attach to goody bags.

In the past I have always used balloons with activities listed inside but using goody bags will be my new New Year’s Eve plan to use with kids from now on because it is much easier.

Here are Some Activity Card Ideas:img_2445-2

1. Hug everyone in your family
2. Tell Mom to kiss Dad
3. Share a cookie with your brother
4. Tell everyone in your family why you love them
5. Do a magic trick for your family members
6. Sing a holiday song
7. Play a Christmas song on the piano
8. Tell the oldest person in the room a joke
9. Give Dad a beer
10. Call Grandma and wish her Happy New Years!
11. Turn on the music and dance
12. Have everyone in your family share their favorite memory from 2019

img_2440Some NYE Goody Bag Gift Ideas:

1. Horns
2. New Year’s Eve Necklaces
3. Candy
4. Silly String
5. Noisemakers
6. Party Hats
7. Tiaras
8. Holiday Notepads
9. Noise and Confetti Poppers
10. Year Glasses

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