Write Positive Sticky Notes

Encouraging a Positive New Year with Your Nanny Kids

What can brighten a day more than an unexpected happy message? I have often read in self-help articles the phrase that a positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes. As this decade ends and we are about to start a New Year we not only should spend a little time each morning to start our days off with positive self talk but we should encourage the same for our Nanny Kids. Just grab a stack of sticky notes and spend five minutes writing positive statements on them — I have listed some ideas below. Then place the sticky notes where your Nanny Kids may love to find them — on the bathroom mirror, on their breakfast table, desk, or in their lunch box.

You can buy Instant Happy Notes which provides 101 sticky notes designed to share the smiles. Self-adhesive and perforated, these notes can be peeled off one at a time and posted anywhere a grateful recipient. Packaged in an innovative sticky note format unlike any other happiness book, Instant Happy Notes offers 101 mini-messages of joy and has the power to instantly boost anyone’s happiness. Packed full of quotes, doodles, coupons, and thoughts, it’s a small book of stickies that creates a big impact on happiness.

You can also buy premade Sticky Notes Inspirational Quotes online.

Quick Positive Sticky Note Quotes:

Good Things are Going to Happen Today!
Believe in Yourself!
Remember You Are Loved Today
Stay Positive
All Obstacles are Imaginary or Temporary
Relax and Breathe
You are Powerful
You Have a Beautiful Smile! Use it a Lot Today!
You are Smart
You are My Sunshine!
You are Talented
Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti Today
You are Great
Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today
You are Amazing
You Can Do It!
Remember We Love You!

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