Worry Eaters Dolls

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Caring for a child with anxiety is difficult. All kids are different and what works well for one child with anxiety might not work for another. Learning to manage symptoms of anxiety and cope with triggers takes time and practice. Talking about what scares a chid, journaling their feelings, and using relaxation techniques can help children and are easy to do at home.

But some of the kids I have cared for are not able to or willing to discuss what is upsetting them with me or their parents. That’s why I like Worry Eater Dolls.

Worry Eater Dolls are perfect for children, ages 3 and up, who may have a lot of worries and need a cuddly friend. Allow the child to draw or write all of their worries on a piece of paper, feed them to the doll, and zip her back up. The worry is all gone!

The Worry Eater Dolls are whimsically designed and have embroidered facial features. They also come with a ring attached so you can hang them up in different places.

Worry Eater Dolls consume all the child’s worries. They are soft, cute, cuddly, and make for wonderful travel buddies. This is a multi-purpose plush toy that anyone with worries will love.

Worry Eaters Dolls are just one of many ways to help children cope with anxious feelings or fears.

You can buy your own Worry Eater Doll by clicking the links above.

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