Corner Bookmarks

img_7466Creative Wednesday

I saved some colored envelopes my nanny kid received from birthday cards and thank you cards this year. We recycled them to make some easy corner bookmarks. I found the idea in the book 365 Art and Craft Activities.

img_7465Let the kids be creative and decorate bookmarks into any animals or creatures they can imagine.

You Will Need:

Markers or Colored Pencils
Glue Stick or Tape

What to Do:

1. Cut the corners from envelopes from junk mail, invitations, or cards.
2. Decorate each corner triangle with markers or colored pencils. Draw on eyes, ears, nose, and whiskers.
3. Cut tails, teeth, tongues, or other add ons and glue or tape to the back of the bookmarks.





Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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