7 Nanny Daily Log Books

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Although there are apps nannies and parents can use to communicate with one another daily, I am old-school and still prefer having a paper notebook or journal to record my nanny kids’ daily milestones in.

You can make a nanny daily log simply by using a three-ring binder or folder kept in a easy to access spot for the family and nanny, such as the kitchen.

The daily log should contain all emergency phone numbers, schedules, and any emergency information that may be needed such as health insurance numbers, allergies the children have, and medications children may be taking.

Nannies, au pairs, and sitters should list what the children eat each day on the daily log sheet. When working with infants caregivers should record the times and amounts the infant eats, when and how long they nap, and how many times their diapers were changed. Any change in feeding or diaper changes should be noted.

But, much easier than making your own nanny log, is to just buy a cute baby journal.

Here are some great nanny baby logs to use when working as a nanny:

img_74501. Baby Tracker® Log

This log is printed on high quality, easy writing, bright white, 100% recycled paper. I love using it for newborns to about three-years-old to keep track of daily schedules, activities, and needs in one handy spot. Baby Tracker® Daily Childcare Log is designed to make it fast and easy to record and review meals, naps, activities, playtime, daily news, milestones and to-dos. This version records daily activities from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day. Each journal includes: 180 daily at-a-glance tracking records, key contacts list, Medical Emergency Form, health facts, and immunization records.

img_74512. Baby’s Eat, Sleep and Poop Journal

What I like most about this log book is that it is cute, compact, and water resistant. It was created by a mom to help sleep deprived parents and working parents to allow their caregivers to record their baby’s daily activities. Log in feedings,! diaper changes, sleep patterns, immunizations, and more all to help track baby’s development and keep the baby on a schedule. Fill in pages include: page for important contact information, immunizations and growth chart page, 60 pages of fill-in charts and notes all neatly organized in a convenient, spiral notebook.

img_74523. Nanny Log Book

This is a large nanny log to keep in visible spot for parents, nannies or au pairs to share. It is a basic log that includes sections for the date, day of the week, feeding times, meals, and quantity eaten. It has section to record diaper changes, sleep and nap times, and daily activities. It also has a built in “To Do List” and section for notes for parents and nannies.

img_74534. Baby’s Daily Log

This stylish and easy to use log makes it simple to track feedings, sleeping schedules, diaper changes, and much more. It’s the perfect tool to communicate baby’s needs with caregivers or reference with baby’s doctor at well visits. Includes a four month log, page per day format giving a one page visual snapshot of the baby’s day, daily to do and notes section, and extra notes pages in back.

img_74545. Baby’s First Months with Sophie la girafe®: A Daily Log Book

I wish I had more room on this blog to show the pages of this log. They are very organized and concise. This adorable hour-by-hour log will help you stay organized—with columns for breast and bottle feedings, diaper changes, and sleep, plus your own special notes! It will help nannies and parents make sure the baby is eating and sleeping enough to grow. Inside, you’ll find enough daily pages for baby’s first six months, charts for growth and vaccines, a place to list important contacts, and a helpful introduction.

img_74556. Pearhead Baby’s Daily Log

My nanny friend with over 25-years nanny experience says this is her favorite baby log book she’s ever used. The guided journal includes 50 pre-printed day and night pages help you keep track of everything 24 hours a day. Special columns for breastfeeding, sleep schedules, diaper changing, supplies needed, and special notes make it easy to record every moment of the baby’s day. Includes perforated page for important contact information for a quick reference. I like that it is a spiral journal so it’s easy to use and lay flat.

img_74567. Nanny Journal Plus

This is an all-in-one resource for organizing and recording a child’s day. Use this log to monitor the baby’s food, naps, activities, and diaper changes. Made of high-quality paper and featuring an elegant flowery design, the Nanilly premium Nanny Journal Plus is made to last and endure. The ergonomic and practical size will allow you to easily slip it in your diaper bag to always have it with you.

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